Tuesday, 2 August 2011


This year sees some dramatic changes in my life...
My daughter is getting married....
My grand-daughter is starting school....
My son is starting University.....
My husband and I have moved to the countryside.....
I am still studying TWO different subjects.....

So...Why Crafters Companion?

Well.....Marcea’s Crafting Corner... and  ... Spectrum Noir demo...a real WOW for me
The Pens!
I can’t begin to tell you....
So impressive I ordered them...
Haven’t received them yet......
So What next?

What else is stopping me from posting my first few efforts?
Let me tell you...

I ordered the pens..
But, with no paper, no scissors, no templates, no stamps – I hadn’t even given those vital items a thought!


I look at Crafters Companion and I am spoilt for choice! 
Where to start...? 
It is like being in a candy store...

I need a starter pack...a MUST have starter’s list...
  • Paper
  • Card
  • Colours
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Folder
A Crafters Recommended Guide To....What not to Do!

Any help will do too... ;-)


  1. There are loads of places on the internet where you can download free images for colouring - http://www.freedigitalstamps.blogspot.com/ - this has a round-up of many posted on a daily basis

  2. Hi there my lovely, if you need any help at all just holler :o)
    Also, if you fancy a crafty shopping day I can assist with that too!
    Another good thing to save up for is the craft show in Harrogate in September - woohoo!!!!!!
    Dont go mad spending left right and centre - I bought so many useless things to begin with. Happy to get you a little starter kit together sweetie to let you try a few things ... either that or you pop round one day and play with my stash xxxx

  3. Thank you, thank you....
    Marcea - a little starter kit would be great.

    The "Don't go mad spending left right and centre" = My thoughts exactly... I saw the ££££££££££££'s building up when I started looking - Hence the plea for help x

    And GeorgieGirl2012 - thanks ;-)